Fellow Gambians, my intention is not to continue writing about the tragic events that are consuming our beloved country on a daily basis but sitting by and doing nothing will greatly defeat my/our efforts as patriotic Gambians and African nationals whom our customs, tradition, and religion forbids us from seeing wrongs and choosing not to speak.

It’s is so embarrassing and disappointing that a world class edifice we call our house of parliament ,if you like the National Assembly is inhabited by very few sober minded individuals who deserved to be call honourable, as for the rest they insist that they must be addressed honourable but do not have the necessary brain faculties to push motions ” they are honour less” The only thing they are good at is to vehemently insist on no legal or what so ever ground that the motion must be advance because what it is set to address is evident..

Evident and evident all the time..very sad. In the same vein, deputies consents if you like to agree to the amendment of section 62 subsection 1(b) of the Constitution to suit the interest of 2 individual; one that insists that the position of the Vice President is her God given right and the other one insist on becoming the next Almighty president of the Gambian..

Is that not so sad and disappointing to the electorates who toiled hard to put them in office so as to represent their best-unalloyed interest: Now if you give me a little latitude I would expound on the tragic nature of our judicial system.

Fellow Gambians, it is well provided for in our national anthem ….. let justice guide our actions towards the common good…..” It connotes that the attitudes/actions of the inhabitants of The Gambia be it citizen or not to one another must be based on goodwill, fair play, and just behavior.

Having faith in a judicial system that prosecutes innocent people is greatly against the letter and spirit of our national anthem and most importantly it is too fatal for any state talk less of our government that continuously rants about the promotion of human rights and the adherence to the principle of rule of law.

It is no hidden secret that the leading state council ( who has now withdrawn from the case) on the wanna be land mark case on alleged violation of fundamental human rights “NIA 9”, has been secretly recorded wherein he asserts that the state lacks the evidence as well as the witnesses to continue the case, he went on to say the state is prosecuting the alleged perpetrators just to please the family of the victim ( the late Solo Sandeng): fellow Gambians be a judge to this, do you think any country with such a judicial system is democratic, or better still what is the faith of the citizens with such a justice system??
Moving on, fellow Gambians, it is an agreed universal principle that no one can be a judge in his own case (NEMO JUDEX IN CAUSA SUA ). The president appointing 3 commissioners to look into the alleged financial dealings of the former president: coupled with the usage of his influence in Parliament ( UDP majority) to allocate a hefty amount of D100,000 dalasis as a monthly salary per commissioner and the irony is the very government claims that they inherited an empty treasury perhaps they would want to tell us where they obtained these funds from….

The appointment of the commissioners will not yield justice for the state, their findings will be the president’s desired results and not justice.( the president is the judge here) In a democratic setting, the appointment would have been under the purview of the public service commission or the judicial service commission depending on the issue it is set to address. Doing so would foster transparency as well as guarantee the independence and make the process free from interference.

Fellow Gambians, the majority of Gambians do assert and continues to hold the view that we have a government; Yes it is true that there exists a system called a government but there is a wide disparity between a government and a functional government.

A government is what we have, and a functional government is what we used to have and now aspiring to have; it is a system that knows the priorities of its people and works towards the provision of such. Looking at the present day Gambian government it is so tragic to see the government that claims to have the necessary man power and yet it does not know the priorities of the citizenry.

The doubting Thomas’s will argue as to what do I mean by ” the government not knowing the priorities of the people” well it’s self evident the our health care system is at a staggering position, so is the youth empowerment and the agriculture but yet funds are available to finance and an unnecessary forensic lab at a tune of $48,000 with the optimum reason of getting evidence against the NIA9 personnel’s in the ongoing trial premised on the death of Solo Sandeng.

Gambians this is the perfect definition of a myopic government, a geography-less, directionless and purposeless government to conclude with.

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