Fellow Gambians, my conscience dictates that sitting by and doing nothing to the daily wrongs that are gradually consuming our beloved country is greatly not in conformity with my purpose of living as well as that of all Patriots and genuine friends of The Gambia.

Those who are conversant with my previous writings will attest to the fact that I did mention that the reconciliatory agenda of the government is a mere puff, now i submit to you that aside it being a mere puff it is now an avenue that the ungenuine sons of Foni are using in exchange of few dalasis and positions in the government and as such, these bunch of individuals who go by the names; Lang Tombong Tamba, Ensa Badjie, Landing Sanneh, Borry Colley, Aziz Tamba and a host of others ought to be labelled for who they are, they are ” THE DISAPPOINTMENTS OF FONI” the perfect definition of hypocrisy of astronomical proportion.
The said people were alive and well for the past twenty-two years when Jammeh and his Foni supporters were publicly called all sort of names in the UDP dominated regions but never have they averted their minds that there exist a word in the English dictionary called reconciliation that needs to be invoked for the public benefit? Again, not long ago, the same people are within the boundaries of mother Gambia, well, able and energetic when the dissident of  Kafenda was unlawfully arrested and arraigned before a court and yet, they were not heard.

A similar incident occurred in the corridors of one of them (Sibanor ) and the only thing they did was choosing to ignore the victims to the mercy of the Lord. The most devilish of all the incident that occurred in their eyes/ears is shooting and killing a 54-year-old man in the name of ‘Haruna Jatta’ by Senegalese forces stationed in Kanilai, and yet, the named Jola disappointments cited by the government to celebrate and brand the act as legal.
Fellow Gambians now that these people are given few dalasis and assured positions in the government if they can convince the people of Foni to forget and let go of the unfair treatment inflicted on them by the coalition government.

Well I submit to the government that you better recover the few dalasis change from these self-claimed ambassadors of goodwill and invest it on youth unemployment  before they exhaust it because the report written by them does not represent the voices of Foni, it’s a fabricated report, most importantly Foni does not regard the name individuals as genuine sons because of the ignored Foni when we need them the most.

Let it be known to Adama and his Government that, Foni still maintains their stands and will continue to until and unless the government see us as equals (the people of Foni are not children of a lesser God, as they have in mind).“They need to first, drop the baseless charges on the Kanfenda, Sibanor and Kanilia people, reinstate the unlawfully dismissed sons and daughters of Foni, stop the witch-hunting, bring the known murderers of Haruna Jatta to justice and the withdrawal of the stationed military personnel’s in the Foni region”.

Fellow Gambians guess I certainly need not delve deep into the history of the named individuals. Witnesses of history are acquainted with the unhealthy historical stories and acts of these people and would agree with me that they do not represent what they claimed to be doing today.
To draw the curtains down, the people of Foni shall never fall in love with their sugar coated tongues, we were standing on our own during the hard times and will continue to do the same to stand the test of time!
In Shaa Allah.
# Wrong reconciliatory team#

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