The Kuntaur flood saga has generated varied opinionated and factual discourse on both our national and social platforms. The Barrow leadership has been faulted for not showing leadership presence, initiative and emphatic with the flood victims days after its occurrence.

When Hon Mama Kandeh, leader of the GDC was featured standing shoulder to shoulder with the victims, all hell broke loose. Many self-anointed close guards of the Barrow leadership came out with a laughable sermon: “DON’T POLITICISE THE KUNTAUR FLOOD”.

On the one hand, they either lack the understanding of politics and it’s nitty gritty or is owlish hypocrites attempting to cover up the leadership abysmal failure to manage the crisis at its prime.

If the Barrow leadership had been on the ground before Hon Kandeh the story line would have been blindingly colorful than what it is now. It takes more than masculinity to own up to one’s err

Besides, omissions are not corrected by faulting others or enlivening the proverbial ostrich. Politics is an everyday life, the prices of good and services you pay for, how you relate to others, the taxes you pay, how they are spent and on what all boils down to politics.

Instead whitewashing the dirt, clean it.Why can’t you tell the leadership the truth if you sincerely love them instead of talking garbage just to be seen of men?
GRTS DG, Ebrima Sillah’s unilateral decision to stop the airing of Kerr Fatou’s show on Kuntaur on the flimsy excuse that it represented only one side of the story is politically biased and abdication of duty.

One would have expected him to send a crew to hear the other side of the story, or request Kerr Fatou to cover the other side in their subsequent show. Similarly, he could have invited both sides reps on TV to give the viewers their positions. Protectionism only breeds dictatorship, not democracy.

We are all pissed with the revelation at the commission on the assets of Goloh Ajumah. What we failed to swallow is he didn’t do it alone. People who assisted him loot us are still more Gambian than some of us. Isn’t that trendy?

The sun is yet to shine for us.

Authored by

Sulayman Jeng/UK

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