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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: Gambia -The Helpless And Heartbreaking Cry Of Another Victim Of ‘The Tribal & Violent Fascists’ Of The Failed UDP Party…Why Is The Police (IGP-LANDING KINTEH) Still Refusing To Arrest Her Attackers???


Evidently, the tribal-fanatics of the UDP and its leadership are stopping at nothing in their determination to turn the country upside down just because the Gambians as a Nation UNANIMOUSLY-REJECTED their PRIMITIVE and OUTDATED-STYLE of POLITICS.

I had the shock of my life after receiving irrefutable evidence of the barbarism currently taking place in our motherland.

I was left dumbfounded for days and deeply saddened after it was confirmed that our beloved Cousin (Mariama Jammeh) was among the latest victims of the thugs who were recently running riots in Busumbala.
“Although it is a common knowledge to all and sundry that, the UDP fanatics conspired with their Failed-Tribal-Leader (Lawyer Darboe) and organised themselves in Busumbala ahead of the APRC Convoys and pelted them with stones so as to provoke our peaceful and enthusiastic supporters and drag them into their muddy pools of lies and deception but we refused to be cowed nor be dragged into any form of confrontation”.

However, we defended ourselves and peacefully proceeded and safely escorted our leader back home but those caught up in their ambush were held hostage for ten hours before being rescued by the Para-Military forces.


I’ll not be drawing my own conclusion with regards to either their involvement, failures or abdication of their duties but will simply demand an explanation as to why necessary precautions were not taken in the first place?  


Suffice it to say, everyone knows what exactly transpired but Just listen to their packages of lies they are bombarding us with on WhatsApp and tell me that these people are true to themselves and to their Creator?
Notwithstanding the fact that even the Gambia Police officers were also direct victims of the attackers during their rescue mission, which lasted for almost ten hours; but none of the attackers is being investigated let alone to be arrested, Why?
As I write this piece for publication, Mariam Jammeh is recovering from her severe wounds inflicted on her by her attackers but was her ordeal taken seriously by the Gambian Authorities/police? If not, why not? Are the violent thugs of the UDP above the law in the supposed #NewGambia?
NB: For the records, Mariama Jammeh was attacked by the very same rotten-elements living in Busumbala and attempted to take her precious life for merely speaking of the truth as a living witness to your evil plots but thankfully, her life was miraculously preserved.

The entire Coalition Government, AU, ECOWAS , EU, UN and the rest of the International Community are hereby put on notice that, an innocent lady by the name “Mariama Jammeh” was violently attacked and severely beaten by the same thugs of the UDP party before dumping her body, thinking that she was dead.

Thankfully, she wasn’t and was rescued and rushed for medical attention. Mariama Jammeh is currently nursing her wounds and she is gradually recovering from her horrific wounds and experience. She cheated death from the hands of the violent fascists of the so-called United Democratic Party.

But still, they wouldn’t leave her alone nor did (Landing Kinteh) the police/Gambian authorities do anything to apprehend her attackers or offer her any form of protection, what so ever.

Therefore, in the event that she is killed as attempted and constantly being threatened by the violent & tribal fanatics of the UDP party, then Lawyer Darboe and his thugs will be fully responsible and even Adama Barrow will not be spared nor be excused for all the right reasons.[/button]

Considering the catalogue of errors or blatant negligence on the side of the security forces and the current authorities, Gambians now asking as to whether our once peaceful country is now a lawless nation where the fittest survive? Why are the Police still reluctant to go after the perpetrators but will simply be opted to go after victims (PEACEFUL-APRC-SUPPORTERS) they were meant to be protected from the violent thugs of the UDP party? 

In addition, Gambians are increasingly getting frustrated and also questioning the legal mandate and the true intentions of ‘the so-called Peacekeepers (INVADING-ECOMIC-FORCES) in our motherland hence they can’t seem to serve and protect Gambians on our streets?


Nonetheless, We at “Unifying Newspaper” are hereby warning her tormentors that, we know each and every one of you lots (Names Withheld For Now) and if anything happens to ‘Mariama Jammeh’ living Busumbala, then you all will be going down too, by the grace of the Almighty. Please, Just Bear That In Mind!!!


Adama Barrow, if you can’t deal with these thugs of the UDP, then please do the right thing by calling for snap elections and return back our motherland In perfect peace and harmony before you wreck our peaceful Country.

Things are going terribly wrong under your administration whilst you hibernating in your four walls and before you know it, it will or maybe way too late to redeem self and salvage our beloved land of peace.

You will either have to take the bull by its Horn’s or continue risking being undermined daily and be eventually wrecked for good by the UDP extremists. Your choice and call to make. A word is surely enough to the wise.



Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia. (O.R.G.)

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