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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: Has Acting ‘IGP JOBE’ Got What It Takes To Head The Police?


Watching his press briefing as the Acting IGP, Mamour Jobe has risen to the occasion despite whatever views one may hold of him. He exudes confidence, leadership and knowledge of his responsibilities.

Apart from the unfortunate spoken language in which our journalists endeavoured to test IGP Jobe’s salt for the overseer of The Gambia Police Force, they showcased lack of organisation and unnecessary repetition of questions seeking the same answer.

Pa Modou Jobe’s follow up question to Section 20 of the Police Act which legitimizes the use of arms by the PIU on the dispensation of their daily duties including the squashing of riotous gatherings was the question of the press briefing: “Why didn’t the police use other means of squashing the Faraba riot?”

Similarly, most of their body language radiate lack of confidence capped with long and dusty gyrating questions. They could have solicited unintended responses for Acting IGP Jobe by firing him with challenging and probing questions. I must hasten to add Omar Wally of Fatu Network is also a seasoned journalist with a polished spoken English. He is calm, calculated and well organised.

Acting IGP Jobe has ended the press briefing by demonstrating beyond any reasonable doubt that he has what it takes to be the Police Chief. He is confident, in control and experience. There was not a single question in which he manifested ineptitude and lack of leadership.

The problem with many of us is the hasty judgement of others without any informed knowledge about the person. If not, most of our unscientific theories are premised on rumours, personal vendetta and nepotism. How many of us are without a history that you don’t want someone to know?

What matters is how that history contravenes national interest. I might not want Acting IGP Jobe to be the Police chief, but if he has what is required to head the police and President Barrow is convinced by it, who am I to stop his appointment?

Being an opinion shaper or lapdog on the media cyberspace does not anoint anyone to police who or who not the president should appoint or dismiss without justifiable substance to suggest as such.

In conclusion, I will assert that Acting IGP Jobe definitely has what it takes to head The Gambia Police Force. It is your civic and personal right to disagree but until anyone can convince me otherwise with justifiable substance I stand by my conviction.

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Sulayman Jeng/UK

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