I’m The Very Least Surprise To Hear That, Those “Deluded, Clueless And Mentally Enslaved Souls” (Tribal And Failed Regime) Who Are Wrecking Our Society Today Are Worshipping You – Thanks To The “BRAINWASH OF COLONIAL EDUCATION” But This Foolish-Old-Hypocrite Ignorantly Duped As The “Despot-Hunter” By Stupid Africans And Their Slave-Masters, Should Be Told The Absolute Truth.

Why Not Go After Your Own Leaders Who Committed Mass Murders Around The World???

How Many Victims Are There In Libya, Syria, Iraq, Just To Name A Few? Who Are Those Responsible For The Indiscriminate Mass- Murders Of Both Women And Children Around The World Today?

Do You Want To Convince Me That Are You, Completely Blinded To All The Crimes Against Our Beloved Human Race And Their Perpetrators???

Let Me Quickly Dive And Take You Down Memory Lane To Help You Track Down The World-Biggest-Criminals and Depots In Our Modern-History Of World Leaders.

Since In The Beginning Of 1990’s, The Peaceful World We Were Once Living In Turned To Become A Nightmare. Thanks To ‘George Bush Senior’  We’ve Witnessed The Begining Of The Killings Of Millions Of Our Human Race. Wasn’t He Your Leader?

Then His Own Son Came Along And Did The Unthinkable As Well-Wasn’t He Your Own Leader, Done In Your Name As An American Citizen? How Many Victims Are Left In The Cold Ever Since, Mr Despot-Hunter?

How About The  Countless Victims Of Your “Unmanned Killer Machines/Drone-War, Used  By The Obama Administration As The Perfect Tool To Go After Their Supposed Enemies?

So Far, How Many Innocent-Lives Perished Because Of Foreign Policies That Goes Beyond The Wildest Of Imaginations Such As Regime Change? Why Are You Never There For The Millions Of Victims Of Your Own Making?

Look, we Gambians are not fools to fall for nothing and mind you, those sitting down with you and together, milking our taxpayer’s monies are living in a Fantasy because Of Their Ignorance Of Our History.We Certainly Can Give You Countless Clear-Cut Cases Against Those You Are Currently Dining With And Even That Of Your Own Former Leaders For Comparison. 

(I.E….Someone (Name Withheld) Was Tortured To Death Under This Very Government And Another Shot At In Broad-daylight  And He Eventually Dies In Hospital – What A Bloody Hypocrite You All Are)

As Far As “Gambians-On-The-Rise-Movement” Are Concern, It Is An Affront To All Gambians For You To Be Lecturing Or Telling Us About Our Own Leaders In Africa And Ignoring The Gross Immoralities Of Your Own Leaders. What An Irony!

Our Natural Conclusion Here Is That, You Must Be An Agent Of The Neo-Colonists And A Classical Hypocrite Of The Highest Order Because Your Actions Speaks Louder Than Words.

You Can Be Entertained By Those Mentally-Enslaved-Stooges But Not Those Of Us Who Are Conscious Of Our Divine Live Suppose And Our Obligations To Our Future Generations.

We (GAMBIANS) Are A Faithful- Family And We Shall Rise Above All Your Lies And Manipulations For The Past Is Where It Certainly Belongs.

Time Is Of Essences For We Have A Lot Of Work To Do For Our Future Generations!!

Enough Of The Lies And Distraction. We Are The Solution To Our Own Problems And We Shall Overcome!!

Our Gentle Message To You Mr Reed Brody Is, Go And Clean Up Your Own Backyard Before Cleaning Abroad-Hypocrite.


Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia. (O.R.G.)

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