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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: My Take On The Planned Demonstration By known Social Activists #DAFADOY= #EnoughIsEnough!!!


In a supposed democratic society, citizen’s do preserve the rights to agree or disagree with the views of others and what they intend to do, but tolerance to divergent views and the FREEDOM of both ‘SPEECH and PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY’ must be guaranteed to all and sundry.

Regardless of the fact that I personally wouldn’t be encouraging anyone to storm our streets out of frustration with the current system of governance but I will not be out to disparage them by casting doubts as to what their true motives are or reasons for drawing such a conclusion that they should PROTEST, because it’s their right to do as deemed fit. So long it’s in within the confinements of our Laws.

I was closely monitoring the development and also listening to various commentaries regarding #DAFADOY Planned protest, but I must admit to myself that we do have classical hypocrites in our midst and none is taking the lead here but one “Bakary Tarawally”.

In one of his audios, he blatantly lied that Killah Ace and his group are divided into three different cells: Those to start the demonstration, those to give orders and then those with weapons to enter our motherland and all what not. Talking loose!! (BELOW IS THE AUDIO: HE ATTRIBUTED HIS BLATANT LIES AND HYPOCRISY TO ONE MARABOU -ALANSANA DINO HYDARA)

He then went on to call on supporters of both the #UDP, #GDC and #NRP to abstain from participating in the planned protest today but singled out the rest of the other political parties.

So logically arguing – It’s safe to argue that in his own utterances, he seems to be attributing the planned protest to the mighty #APRC, #PPP and #PDOIS, right?

Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for one to advise all other party supporters to abstain from participating in a demonstration and yet, exempt the rest of the other political party supporters. As irrelevant as he may be to the future generations, his Hypocrisy is definitely out of this world.

For the records, I want to make it categorically clear to one and all that the group planning to demonstrate later on today have no political allegiance for all we know and if anything, they were the very same “Supporters of the so-called ‘Coalition Government’ and known to have campaigned tirelessly to effect change. Killah ACE is a known Anti-Jammeh” activists, back then.

Therefore, if anyone has something to say about the demonstration, please do so because we all are equally entitled to our opinions but to be fabricating lies against the #APRC party supporters or any other political parties is unacceptable and will not be entertained nor tolerated.

Gambians as a people do have the equal rights like that of their servants. Every citizen does equally have the Almighty-God given rights to protest for any cause they may feel that is a noble and worthy of a cause to peaceful assembly for, without the need to bring political affiliation into the equation.

It could be recalled that it was “Alieu Bah & Killah Ace” who was also behind the #OccupyWestfield movement too and now, they are on a different mission, it seems. So let it be known to all and sundry that, #DAFFADOYI = #EnoughIsEnough leaders are known as ‘SOCIAL ACTIVISTS’ and must NOT be stigmatized or be labelled otherwise. YES! You can either agree or disagree with their decision to call for another demonstration but don’t go on to tell little white lies against them. They are Gambia(ns) and do have all rights, just like you and me.

Funnily enough, The #Failed Coalition Government officials often boast that they’ve ended the 22 years of Dictatorship, right? So why are the so-called democrats scared of the very people who empowered them? 

Less we forget that the Coalition Government, likewise that of the past governments are/were all entrusted with one collective responsibility and they willingly entered into a contract with the Gambian masses. No one forced them to step in nor were they put under gunpoint to enter politics.Their sole purpose and reason for being elected into office are not to mismanage but to manage our limited resources and ensure the fair distribution of our wealth, services and the protection of the livelihoods of our citizens.

If Gambians feel the need to pressure them on our streets for failing to deliver their basic needs as citizen’s, so be it. But what does that have to do with Politics or a political party?

Isn’t it a democratic government they often claimed to have successfully instilled in our motherland today or are they still living under the illusion that
Why should the failure of a system be attributed to our political party supporters or the ordinary citizenry? Does it Make sense at all? Certainly not, if you ask me!

Despite having my own reservations with regards to the planned demonstration, I can only urge them to go on about their legitimate peaceful protest, if they so desire but let it all be done in Perfect Peace and in accordance with our constitution.

MY ADVICE TO THE BOYS IS: “PLEASE, Notify The Authorities By Simply Applying For Your Permit And If Granted, It Is Your Right’s To Freely Assemble And Let Your Voices Be Heard”. But again, in exercising our ‘DEMOCRATIC and CONSTITUTIONAL’ rights as citizen’s,- let’s ensure that we put the “peace and stability” of our motherland as our TOP PRIORITY at all times.

REMEMBER: After all is said and done, We All Are One People-One Nation-One Human Race. Let’s Keep THE PEACE.
Thank You All For Your Attention.

Authored By
Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK.

Recipient Of ‘The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia‘ – (O.R.G)

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