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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN : Press Release From The Office Of The Democratic Republic Of Facebook!!!


26 July 2018: We are dismayed by the unfortunate comments made by President Adama Barrow at a rally, during his ongoing connection with the people tour. The Gambian leader aimed a dig at Gambians in the Diaspora, saying, ‘‘they are disgruntled elements who came to The Gambia seeking jobs, didn’t get it and have now become hate mongers’’.

Amazing huh! Is this not the same President Barrow who during his 2017 visit to New York City, acknowledged the effort of the People of the Democratic Republic of Facebook, which he said, was the ouster of Dictator Yaya Jammeh?
In fact, he promised on that fateful day, that he will not repeat that same mistake and went on to say in his own words that; ‘‘I would like to thank the Gambians in the diaspora and social media for campaigning for me, The Gambia needs you’’.

Surprisingly enough, the said people of the Democratic Republic of Facebook are now seen by President Adama Barrow as bad elements who always contradict his words. Facebookers are all “baakotong feh’nyo lu” the tail of a goat, which has no other use than dispersing flies. He added.

Well, the Facebook Republic is here to stay, Mr President, it will support a new generation of progressive young leaders to fight for progressive change, elevating political consciousness among others.

This will transform Gambia’s politics and economic systems are responsive to the needs of The Gambians. We are dedicated to liberate Gambians from the bondage of being led by pensioners and replace them with energetic and Talented Youth.

The people of the Democratic Republic of Facebook demand an apology from President Barrow, to minimize defect for a better Gambia we all want. The Gambia belongs to Gambians both at home and abroad and in speaking we can make it great.

Meanwhile, our doors remain open to talking possibilities of a rapprochement.

Saidina Alieu Jarjou

Political Activist

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