I must first take this opportunity with humility and immense pleasure to congratulate you on your recently concluded journey to the holy land while praying for Allah to abundantly reward your supplications and graciously grant you your good desires for self, family and the nation at large.

I am as well extending my belated Eid-ul Adha greetings to you and your beloved family and pray for God to grant us many joyous ones ahead in good health and prosperity.

However Sir, a revisit of memory lane reminds me of the immense challenges you shouldered against the incumbent after your declaration as the coalition flag-bearer in October 2016 which with many other factors were as well meant with resilience, courage and hope of a successful end from you and the people that believed in you and this was finally reproduced out of the optimism envisaged in the promise of a better Gambia you made to the Gambian people in your first speech as coalition candidate at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

Fast forward, your election as the president-elect was birthed with turbulence from December to January with cries all over the world but many Gambians still stood firm in support of your presidency which was formally and fully penned on our history books at a colorful ceremony on the eighteenth of February 2017 on home soil.

However sir, along the course of the journey from your inauguration to the present day, many unthoughtful things have passed with your promises of a better Gambia seen daily malnourished while your transformation from that ambitious and hopeful but yet humble Adama Barrow pre-elections taking a speeding path to an unknown, mighty, unheard and unpredictable His Excellency precipitated by a crowd of griots gifted with melodious voices and wildly protected by a swamp of on and offline sycophants.

Sir, the end of this journey we cannot honestly tell but suspicion coupled with experience can give us a clue of it not looking promising with a continuation of the current trend hence the need to slow down with moments to reflect on the nature of our long railroad for which it will be disrespectful of me to remind you of the transition promise you willingly made and pledged to uphold but it will be worth for me to share memories of the results of the promises made by Jawara in 1992 and Jammeh in 1996.

These we could all recall sir were at the end given different outlooks, not by the respective individuals per say but by the resistance from the “Gambian people” that are today hypocritically draining your integrity while fast digging your grave for your imminent failure.

Sir, it is in light of these unwanted results of your predecessors’ promises that I am humbly pleading for you to take a moment overnight and ask your humble and honorable self how it would have been in dignity with both Jawara and Jammeh if they had quitted as promised by not listening to the “Gambian people” and you can as well take some time to reason of how it will be of you when you listen to the “Gambian people” and follow the course of your predecessors?

Mr. President, please let the old dry leaf fall off the big tree and for sure you shall be remembered by many generations unborn not with regret but with honor which shall forever star your name high up in the Gambian history books.

However, sir, it is argued that politics is dirty and that power corrupts which I refused because it is politicians that corrupt power and make politics look dirty just like how the bad Medic portrays the field of medicine and some of the paint that the crook lawyer applies to the practice of law.

Mr. President, please be the good politician that will not make politics look dirtier by corrupting power!

That good politician that promised our people and country of a democratic “New Gambia” that will defend and uphold the truth, embrace the rule of law, respect human rights and as well adopt the principles of accountability and transparency but not the “New Gambia” that I have regretfully seen with detentions over 72 hours without trial, with lavish spending in the absence of accountability by ministers and other civil servants, with demerit political rewards of service, with  joyful dismissal of professionals and technocrats out of tribal and political affiliations, with overriding functions of ministers without caution, with the application of restrictive decisions on citizens by people in authority out of vengeance and certainly not a “New Gambia” of incommunicado.

On a different note sir, many may argue that tribalism is not a problem in The Gambia which I, however, do not buy because tribalism has been and is still consuming the dignity of our people and communities which dates back to the first republic and has travelled through to present day Gambia thus the need for you to create and jealously safeguard an all inclusive society with equal representation of tribes and religion in governance both at the local and executive level and as well enact strict disciplinary measures for any individual carrier of tribalism.

Finally, Sir, I am respectfully reminding you that Gambians are wiser today than they were in December to which you must not allow a few flamboyantly make and take you for a short ride just to break you at the end of eternity.

Hence do please remember that it is a quality that guarantees duration and the former cannot be attained by merely counting the latter in the present day Gambia.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Muhammed Teks Tekanyi
New York, USA.

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