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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: Thank You All For Making My Birthday Such A Special One….


Although the party is now over but the sweetest of messages became keepsakes – They’ll forever trigger the most beautiful nostalgia years down the line, by the grace of the Almighty.

Like for everyone else, my birthday lasted just for a day but the best of wishes sent to me via text message, Facebook, messenger, email, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and phone calls received (Not to mention the ‘birthday bash’ Made Especially For Me – By The One In A Million – Princess Kujamat) are certainly going to make me feel special for the rest of the year.

In as much as everyone can be nice to others but no matter how hard I may try on my own, I will never-ever able to replicate the warmth you’ve all shown me on my birthday because your beautiful wishes did something that no money can buy and it renewed my belief in the value of friendship.

In fact, I was feeling terrible about turning a year older until I began reading your messages, receiving phone calls and topping it all with the live show Presented by ‘The Love Of My Life’ on the “Kujamat People In The Diaspora Page”… (You can watch the “Full-Live-Birthday-Bash” below) UNEDITED.

Dear sweetheart, you are the reason why I smile every day. Our flames of passion will never be extinguished and may our love shines brightly to bring you a wonderful birthday. I love you and Happy birthday nyassi colley essamaye yumbom emangi bi passeh

Posted by Kujamats People in the Diaspora Cultural Page on Sunday, January 14, 2018

I will seize this great opportunity to thank “THE LOVE OF MY LIFE” for putting up such an outstanding show but more so to the callers and commentators during, after the show and the ’20 thousand plus viewers and counting’. Thanks for Your messages which rid me of all my blues and I am now feeling that growing old is totally worth it, as long as it is with friends and a beautiful family like you.

Needless to say, words will never be good enough nor will I be able to reach out to each and everyone of you to show my sincere appreciation but be very rest assured that, the deep impact of your carefully chosen words (full of wisdom), Songs and best of prayers is virtually impossible to measure and they have now become one of my life treasures.

To my political opponents who reached out to me and wished me a belated day on my birthday, this one is for you – Thanks for rising above our political differences and sharing our bond that bonded us all as people of one nation. Why can’t you all be so nice and sweet to me and the APRC all year round?? LoL. Surely, We All Can Do It, Folks.

NB:- After All Is Said And Done, We are all one blood Family So We Must Never Forget That The Path To Peace Is Peace Itself. Let’s Do What It Will Take To Maintain Our Most Cherished Peaceful- Coexistence As People Of One Nation – One Aim And One Destiny Of Greatness.
I definitely cannot list down all the prestigious names of all those that I will love to mention here but I can only name a few so do please excuse me if you are not mentioned for the love you all have for me is mutual and unquestionable – Hence I will not be doing justice to this piece without mentioning names at all, here we folks – LoL….

Sending my special greetings to my darling; Mballing Jatta, My Beloved Olie Tambedou, My beloved Sister – Awa Ceesay- USA, Our Beloved Jarra Colley- USA – Jarriatou Badjie – Cyprus – Paris Jarju & Family- UK,Fatoumata Tunkara-FRANCE, Nancy Sinyan-USA, My Beautiful Fulla Daughters – Matty Sey, Haddijatou Baba-America – Love Barry- Fatou Barry- My daughter and in-law-Haddijatou Bah-Germany. Kabiro Jarju, Madi Jammeh, Pa Sanneh, Bator Ceesay Manneh, Aunty Haddy George Jallow, Aunty Fatou Jagne Jaiteh, Bakary Jallow-Germany, Teeda Colly-USA, Neneh Cham Gaye-Sweden, Siray Jenkin’s Bayo & Family-USA. KANILIA UNITED/ FC YAMA/Boyz & Girls & MY DAD, HON. MUSA AMUL NYASSI.My beautiful daughter Fatou Joof, Ousainatou Jallow, Adama Camara, Princess Fatimah, Baby Yams, Chewan, Malcolm Jarju, Arafang Jarju, Lamin Tamba, Jolla-Mansa-Sambou Junior-Judge, Spider-B, Ida Sanyang-Switzerland, Yama Nyassi, Fatou Nyassi, My Mother-Amie Jammeh-Germany, Fatou Jobe-Holland, Yadicone Sanyang, Sirray Jarju-USA, My darling- Fanta Badjie & Family, Girro, Baby Rasta & Crew-Sweden, Baa Jammeh, Babou Bojang, My Lovely Aunty Ya Ngum & Family, Musuba Colley-UK, Alimame Suwareh, My Lovely Nephews- Chatty Holi Baiyam Jarju, Youboy Kujabie & Ismaila Sanyang.

My beloved Cousin Nyimbsi B & Family, Rambo Jatta-Njie & Family- BAKAU, Hydara Karara, West Jatta, Fatou Sey Njie,Ediresa Jatta, Momodou Lamin,  Kaddy Ceesay, Ida Beyai & Family, Mandela Jatta, Queen Fatimah, Mia , Jacomba sanyang, Ida Faal, Amina Sonko, AMIE CEESAY & THE ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP OF THE “SULAYMAN SHYNGLE NYASSI FANS GROUP-FACEBOOK PAGE” and the list goes on and on.

I want to thank all our global audience and our dedicated agents on (Unifying Newspaper) the ground, risking it all just to give us credible Information of happenings in our motherland on a daily basis. May Allah SWT reward you all for your selflessness, both here and hereafter. Ameeeeen.

ONCE AGAIN, A BIG SHUTOUT TO MY LOVELY DARLING-MBALLING JATTA-NJIE & ALL THE GLOBAL FANS OF THE “KUJAMAT PEOPLE IN THE DIASPORA FACEBOOK PAGE”.!!! DO PLEASE LIKE AND FOLLOW OUR CULTURAL PAGE – https://www.facebook.com/Kujamats-People-in-the-Diaspora-Cultural-Page-298030183948086/?hc_ref=ARTt78VFRQLvOxcL3hw2J0O93LGjpaEiUsL7-Ppv-fIybS9nsRQPfxap7-X3xDH4rCk&pnref=story

Finally, I will seize this wonderful opportunity to extend my special greetings to my father & mentor (Babili-Mansa) – Our Able Leadership (Hon. FTJ), The Executive And All Members Of Our Diverse (APRC) Party.

My Boss; Oumie Barry, Chairman- Sulayman Bah, Adviser-Ansu Bojang, All The Executive Members and the entire Membership Of The ‘Diaspora Patriotic Citizens’. Just like how the taste of a delicious meal lingers for a long time, the positive vibes of your wonderful messages will forever linger in my heart for years to come.
Your words were the perfect embellishments for my birthday and your wishes have simply blown me away. From the very depth of my heart, I salute you ALL & SUNDRY for making my birthday such a memorable and humbling experience.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia. (O.R.G.)

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com

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