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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: The Arrest Of Hon. Abdoulie Saine Is Unconstitutional And Tantamount To “KIDNAPPING” By The Supposed Democratic Government Of The So-Called New-Gambia!!!


First and foremost, it’s a lie to state that it was probably because he said that “president Jammeh was already in the country” that’s why he was arrested but rather the blunt “untold-reality” based on his own point of view and opinion as a Gambian citizen.

Secondly, don’t we now have the right to freely express our views under the supposed UDP-Led Coalition Government? So it’s legal and perfectly fine that some “Mandingka-Tribal- Fanatics” in within the UDP Party can utter the most disgusting insults directed at President Jammeh, his tribe (Jollas-Ajamats), likewise the Fullas, Wollofs, Sarahullehs, Manjankos and the rest of the Tribes of our Motherland but it’s a CRIME to make mention of that factor or insult them back a million times more?

Thirdly, I hereby directly challenging the current Vice-President and party leader of the UDP, Lawyer Darboe, to tell us how many times did he witnessed his own supporters raining Insults on other NOBLE tribes of our motherland?

Will the current vice-president, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe ever deny having witnessed and heard tribal bigots of his party insulting decent and hardworking Gambians along tribal lines? 

Furthermore, the direct descendant of the lineage of the great kings of Kansala, Momodou Lamin Shyngle Nyassi, was the man (The Founder Of The UDP) who selflessly risked it all and laid the very foundation that ‘VP-Lawyer Darboe’ and his tribal fanatics used to propel themselves to the positions they are enjoying today, but even him and his own blood family weren’t spared by these tribal lunatics. Can Lawyer Darboe refute my assertions?

Certainly NOT because everyone heard the insults so it’s now an open secret and for the past 18 months, we (Gambians) were schooled in horror as they openly manifest their true colours based on their sickening-mindset of some degree of tribal supremacy over others.

By the way, What were the exact words of Lawyer himself, when asked as to why is it that he failed to hire Jollas under his previous ministry of Foreign Affairs but only his supporters and own tribe?  Do you guys remember his rather disrespectful, insulting and discriminating remarks against the very people who made him what he is today? Didn’t he labelled all the Jolla tribe as unworthy people to be hired, even though, my father, who founded the UDP party is a 100% Jolla/Ajamat???

How many times did we hear from the same tribal lunatics of the UDP claiming total ownership of not only President Barrow and his three years transitional Government but the Land we all call home – The Gambia? Where they not and still insulting President Barrow and his wife even whereas he is their overall boss, who eventually appointed their party leader as his vice president?

The truth is, right or wrong, Hon. Abdoulie Saine does have all rights to not only freely associate himself with the party of his choice but to equally express both his political, religious and social View’s without any intimidation or harassment, let alone to warrant him to be arrested by the state. We all heard what he said but nothing should warrant the tribal fanatics to kidnap him under the shadows of the dark in a supposed democratic government.

Besides, what he said may not have gone down well with others but that doesn’t mean that he committed a crime for speaking his mind and cannot be deemed as a crime by the state, unless if the mention of tribe’s becomes a criminal offence in our constitution. But as far as I am aware, “Tribal-discrimination and Bigotry” is now institutionalized under this failed, corrupt and TRIBAL Regime.

And as a matter of fact, we at “Unifying Newspaper” are still in possession of more disturbing Tribal-Bigotry Sentiments which came from the UDP supporters for the last 18 months, but none was ever arrested nor prosecuted by our police officers, so why is it the case that only the Critics/Opposition members are often targeted for unlawful arrests and false prosecutions?

Evidently, not once did we ever got the news of any of your Tribal-Fanatics being arrested for insulting other tribes in the name of the UDP, but we do have an increasingly growing list of victims of the crumbling transitional government of the day.

“Let it be known to those engaged in such unlawful actions against our citizens in the name of a new Gambia that, they should stop the victimisation of their political opponents by using our police officers or security personnel from other departments just to settle scores. We know them and their individual roles they currently playing so they should all bear in mind that their days are also numbered and each one of them will be dealt with accordingly too, by the grace of the Almighty”. 

NB:- President Adama Barrow and Vice President – Lawyer Darboe, for your information, its best to seek ways of educating your tribal fanatics about what you guys often claim to represent (Democracy & The Rule Of Law But Not That Of The Jungle) because some of your primitive supporters are actually wrecking your chances of leaving us with a legacy you all can be proud of tomorrow.

Our rights to freely express ourselves as Citizens are “Non-negotiable” so do please ensure the unconditional and immediate release of Hon. Abdoulie Saine and let him go on about his daily business as usual. He committed NOT a crime by merely expressing his feelings, thoughts, desires or views.

Be it on National or International matters, we as humans do all have the very same rights to have a say and fully express our views on global issues, talk less of our own national issues such as the ‘chronic-killer-disease-of-tribalism’ in our society…

You don’t want to talk about it? Fine! You want to be politically correct by downplaying the deadly disease of ignorance currently infecting our younger and future generations, your choice, but you can’t censor the Gambians or dictate their thoughts nor opinions, good or bad.

Our collective responsibility though is, to teach and guide our children the way to go and if they are wrong, we simply rectify their errors on point by enlightening them as to what is right or wrong. That’s how we all can build a prosperous and much brighter future for all but not by repression or retribution nor will it be of any good to teach our children the devil philosophy of TRIBALISM…

Therefore, we at “Unifying Newspaper” hereby “Condemning the news of his Arrest in the strongest possible terms and urging the Barrow administration to Unconditionally release Hon. Abdoulie Saine, forthwith”. 

To conclude, I will remind you all (Barrow Administration) that no one can strip off the rights of Gambians to freely express their views in accordance with our Almighty-God gave rights as humans.

Such foolishness shouldn’t be entertained nor be encouraged by any rationally thinking being in this 21st Century and if at all Adama Barrow’s government is to be taken seriously as the self-proclaimed democratic government they claimed to represent, then the fundamental rights to freedom of speech of our beloved citizens MUST never be threatened but are fully RESPECTED at all times. 

May common sense prevail and continues to guide our actions towards the common good of our motherland for the betterment of all and sundry. Ameeeeen!

One Gambia – One Nation – One Family!!

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia (O.R.G)

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