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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: The Gambia Is Not For Sale Nor Shall We Be Recolonized Or Be ANNEXED By Senegal, Come What May!!!


In spite the past two decades of peace, stability and prosperity under the dynamic leadership of our great Babili-Mansa-Kendo, Gambians as a nation are today confronted with the unexpected turnout of events which now seems to be leading us to a sudden death, if not halted.

The deteriorating conditions our people on the ground are facing daily since the departure of the Great Architect is a serious cause for concern to all peace loving citizens.

Needless to say, in the eyes of the international community and on paper, we (The Gambia) are a Sovereign Independent Nation but do we as a Sovereign people acknowledge this reality in our dealings of late?

How much do we really cherish in honouring the struggles our grandfathers went through just to liberate us from colonial rule?

Although “praise singers and sellouts” will often foolishly argue that we needed a change of governance and all what not;  but the million dollar question in the lips or minds of every patriotic citizen of our motherland now is that, Is this the kind of change we were all anticipating?

Of course, every human being evolved from one stage of life to the next and so do societies, nation’s and systems of governance but common sense should really be dictating our evolution process and if one is to make a change, let it be for the very best but certainly not the very, very worst.

In order words, one should have a clear vision and understanding of where you coming from and where you heading to but is evidently not the case for these USELESS bunch of ‘ROBBERS & THIEVES’, masquerading themselves as a government.Gambians, please let’s put the ‘DIRTY-TRIBAL-POLITICS’ aside and wake up from our deep slumber. Let’s start calling the spade a spade and face reality.

If one is to take a holistic approach in addressing our current predicament, guess you all will undoubtedly agree with me that, our motherland today is on downwards spiral and unless we speak up against the ongoing manipulation of our territorial integrity and sovereignty by Macky Sall and his crumbling regimes in Dakar and Banjul, we (Gambians) risk being Annexed or be completely wrecked as a Nation.

Like the Englishman often say that – ‘Time Is The Master; For Time And Time Alone Will Tell The Full Story’ – And Indeed Is True For ‘Time Is Now Revealing The Secret & Inner-Most Desires Of The Senegalese Government At This Hour’.

The writings on the wall are much clearer for the signs and symptoms of their Secret plots to Mentally enslave (ANNEXATION) we are now evident today.
In fact, isn’t it now clearer for all to see the full script of their movie unravelling right before our very own eyes? Hahaha! But I often tell them from the onset that Failure will forever be their destiny, by the grace of the Almighty.

“Folks – Can someone please tell the Husband Snatcher – Fatou Camara, Buba Ndour, Youssou Ndour And Macky Sall that, Gambians are certainly not fools to be fooled by fools of their Elks”.

We are on record to have said it all ahead of time so we are in a much better position to fight off this battle of the minds and by the grace of the Almighty, victory will soon be ours of celebrating across the entire country.

NB:- Thrilled I am to have finally discovered that which really hurts him (Macky Sall) and his surrogates in Dakar. Thank you, Assan Diouf, for revealing to us Gambians what the gang leader dislikes the most. Stay blessed and enjoy our retaliation.


‘Had I Known Shall Never Be Known, Macky Sall’.



Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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