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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: The need for Strategic Compromise like Ghana to allow our Nation to heal and forge ahead


We are a divided nation with a common past and a shared destiny! European victors justice will only leave more division, hurt and pain. We need like Rwanda to dig deep to forgive but not forget but know that the sacrifices of the past are meaningless if we don’t forge ahead and build a better future. 

For 18 months, we allowed others to lead to the narrative, now it is time for us to take the lead and like Rwanda which used a traditional method of Gachacha to heal after a genocide of 1 million and civil war to become a beacon of development and hope.
Rwanda did away with the White hypocrites like Reed Brody and Jeff Smith and trusted itself and its faith and culture and while hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on the so-called Arusha Court to deal with a handful of Genocide suspects based on the faux-Euro commercial court system, the Gachacha System dealt with millions, got reconciliation and peace and Rwandans pay the highest living tribute to their victims by ensuring hate don’t win or prevail.

The only winners at Arusha were the foreigners paid millions of dollars that could have gone to Victims and did not.

The Gambia is not faced with the tens and hundreds of thousands if not millions of victims as faced South Africa after 5 decades brutal genocidal Apartheid or Sierra Leone or Liberia and definitely not Rwanda.

Gambians are a faithful and patient people and in 1981, despite between 600 and 3000 deaths, we came together and in 1994, we refused to shed blood as again in 2017, so we should teach the world not be taught by Americans where a young Black is slaughtered every 20 hours but we rightfully go into national mourning over a single death.

Faraba Banta reminded us of our interconnection as the deaths affect us all.

Mr President, I trust you more than your advisers especially the bought and paid Western Quislings.

Trust yourself and you will be fine. It is not your loquaciousness or ability to twist a phrase in English or your mental dexterity but your heart that matters most.

You are not God Almighty just a President and as good as your team.

Select a team that has competence, not for friends and those that make your comfortable.

The charge is heavy and it is 2 million Gambians you work for and the gravy train and party is over.

18 months is long enough and you swore on the Quran to defend our Nation and People against all foes and you will be judged by that.

ECOMIG or EU or other did not elect you but Gambian citizens and you are for all.

Time to be the President we need sorely. The President for all Gambians, not foreign interests or cronies and buddies.

God Bless you 
God Bless The Gambia 
Nkosi sikelele i Africa

Authored By
Pa Musa Jallow

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