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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: The President Of The ‘PYFC’ Reflects On The Anniversary Of The 22ND July Revolution!!!


It is exactly 24 years today when news of a revolution started spreading across the nation. Although news did not reach some of us as we were prepared for our usual first weekend of the summer holidays others were certain that our political establishment had been truly shaken.There came very strange news; news that was welcomed and well embraced by the less privileged and the poor.

To our surprise, we heard another rumour debunking news of a government overthrow and those elements were trying to suppress the smiles of joyous women coming from the markets, gardens and others from the “FAROS” who were getting ready for the jubilation. 
Many were heard thanking the most supreme above for the much-needed change. Guess what, those trying with their magic to thwart the overdue change were encountered by a divine voice being transmitted by Radio Gambia which was nicknamed Radio Kombo, because of its limited coverage and poor quality.

There was no GRTS those days. God, how far we’ve come in 22 years. What a blessing!  With that excellent news of Five Gallant Young Junior Army Officers stopping the Great Gambian Rot, began the transformation of our motherland – The Gambia.

Our true independence commenced! The day our so-called colonial masters felt the pinch of the great sons of our land; the day the poor started to feel being part of the rest; the day those few enjoying the National Cake unfairly, which to them was a colonial cake, realised that God was in control and decides at any moment whilst making man helpless in the process. God works miracles without consultation.

This was the day we the young ones started smelling the brighter future. The day women started to realise that they have the potential and ability to speak and make decisions for the greater good. Women and youth were empowered and given the much-needed responsibility in our society.

This day was championed by a young dynamic and God-fearing Lieutenant flanked by four others, who tendered their death warrants for the sake of salvaging this very land.

The stopped decay and turned what was then land of the British and few of their cronies … to land for Gambians and for ALL Gambians.

On behalf of the entire membership of PYFC, I MANYIMA BOJANG GUMANNEH, President of this noble group deem it necessary to remember those early hours in the history of our party, APRC, and the GAMBIA.

We are more than happy to join with our able Party Leader and the National Executive in celebration of July 22nd. It is a great day for all of us.

On that note, I urge all members of PYFC to make this day, a day of prayers, for the well being of our party founding father, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alh. Yahya A.J.J JAMMEH BABILIMANSA, and the well being of our Interim Party Leader Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta and the entire National Executive.

May ALLAH SUBHANA WATALLAH CONTINUE TO GIVE HIM GUIDANCE, GOOD HEALTH AND PROSPERITY. On a similar note, I pray for the well being of all members of PYFC. May Allah grant us success! Ameen.


Authored By
Nyimbsi B

President Of Patriotic Youths For Change. (PYFC)

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