Fellow country men and women, When I look at the present day Gambia alias new Gambia, few things begin to run in my mind, which prompt me to ask this question.

What would be the fate of this country that has for far too long serve as the custodian of peace, love and harmony in Africa; considering the daily wrong incidents which are now gaining prominence to be called the status-quo??

It’s saddened me to see a people who were once regarded as brothers and sisters turned into arch rivals because of political indifference. Saying it or not, the tragedy of my/our country is tribalism, favoritism and nepotism have now gain high level credence over capability and credibility.

The tragedy of modern day Gambia is that, imams who are seen as symbols of peace have turned into politicians and satanic sons, using their sermons in mosques to propel political agendas as well as vilify and insult people of other tribes.

The tragedy of my/our country is men and women have couched a personal meaning of democracy, people ( especially the oppositions) are bullied, insulted, intimidated, provoked and castigated all in the Almighty name of new found democracy, yet there exist a system called a government.

The tragedy of my/our motherland is, the government instead of fulfilling its sacred duties of bettering the lives of the people, effecting infrastructural developments and a host of other issues beneficial to the country and its people,, ooh no it is busy witch-hunting, frowning at divergent views and sadly enough blaming the former government for their in actions.

The tragedy of new Gambia is despite the heap number of literates who are schooled at our own university and other prestigious universities around the globe, the state machinery insist and continues to insist that only one individual is qualified enough to be addressed “HER EXCELLENCY MADAM VICE PRESIDENT” giving very low regard to the constitution which says the contrary.

It so sad that the state house which is, kept , sustained and maintenance by state resources is not occupied by the head of state for a period of 7 months ( hotels are chosen over the state palace) and yet the people that insist to be addressed HONORABLE and the so called champions of democracy see it as normal; Dr King Jr. With whom I continually agree with has this to offer; “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Tragedy is alive and well in my/our country, it is manifestly seen in motion in our temples of justice wherein people are arraigned before a court for crime that they commit not ,and yet others called it “pursuit of justice” where lies justice in prosecuting and punishing an innocent man/men??

The tragic direction of our beloved country if not addressed the soonest, I fear for what the future will look like… The smiling coast will eventually turned to be called the frowning coast of Africa.

Authored By An Insider Going By The Pen Name

***The Voice Of Conscience***