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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN:- Though The Truth Is Already Known That The Credit Goes To Our Great Architect “BABILI-MANSA KEKENDOO” – But Do They Have To Keep On Telling Lies Until Eternity???


In spite, Gambians are increasingly deserting the Failed and Tribal regime and joining the overwhelming majority of Patriotic citizens of our beloved motherland; as it is becoming much clearer to all that, Adama Barrow and his USELESS government are nothing but an utter disgrace, to say the least.

Since they Raped our democracy by rigging both the presidential and parliamentary elections and went on to fraudulently assumed power in our motherland, Gambians are being lied to day in and day out; without any iota of shame in any fibre of their being.

While in hiding in Senegal, Adama Barrow and Mai Fatty suddenly sprang into action and decided to blatantly lie in front of the whole entire world by falsely accusing the “Great Architect-Babili-Mansa” of allegedly rinsing our coffers so as to tarnish his character and unique qualities as an exemplary leader; but when confronted with the truth on the ground, they quickly backed off.

But sadly enough, that wasn’t the end but rather the beginning of a sickening pattern of telling lies that seemingly has no end.

This ideologically bankrupt team of Robbers and thieves are still hell-bent on telling the cheapest lies and openly indulging in foolishness by constantly stooping way LOW beyond comprehension.

One of our credible sources in within Adama Barrow’s own inner circle disclosed to this medium that, the Failed-Tribal-Criminal Regime are planning to fool the Gambians by attempting to pull off yet, another fast one like they did with the new Ferry-Commissioned by none other than (President Jammeh) the Great Babili-Mansa Kenndo.
A fact that cannot be disputed and even those in the rural areas of our country will tell you that the new ferry was commissioned by president Jammeh but to our surprise, Adama Barrow and his surrogates were heard putting a spin to it by shamelessly lying that, the new ferry was commissioned by Adama Barrow and delivered in 70 days. LoL….

Does it add up folks? Hell No -.But that is just one of the many dirty sides to the crumbling regime of the  UDP’ in action today.

Fast forward Gambians, we all are also aware that President Jammeh brought a massive generator to complement the one already there and is currently being installed at the “Koto Power Station” by this gang of liars and thieves.
According to reliable sources in within the failed regime, Adama Barrow and his surrogates are at it again folks. They are planning on fooling the Gambians by pretending to be the ones who bought and brought that mega machine currently being installed at the Kotu Power Station.
Another wrote to us  (29th-10-2017) and said;  “The so call president Adama Barrow came to Nawec Kotu Power Station today at around 10:45 am Friday morning for a site visit but with the aim of proceeding to Nawec Brikama power Station after but he only lasted for 20mins at the Kotu power station as he was very tired and sweating seriously as the place was very hot according to him with the engines running, so he left and he also cancelled going to Nawec Brikama power station… what a lazy president we have bro!!!
On the 4th-11-2017, We received another update from our agent with regards to the progress made so far and he said; “Work is ongoing at Kotu power station as the new 11mega matt engine that was brought in by president Jammeh Babili Mansa shortly before the presidential election which took place in December of 2017.
PresidentJammehh brought this engine to help boost the electricity in the Gambia, currently, they are installing it probably by December or January next year it will be ready”.

Yesterday, I was again contacted by two of our brilliant agents, informing us of an ongoing plan to use (D.R.T.S.) just to peddle their pathetic lies and cheap political stunts.

(This Is What Our Agents Wrote To Us-Verbatim)

“Almost every three days or so, G.R.T.S will come with their reporters to film and take pictures of the new engines at NAWEC  Kotu-Power-Station. They often take pictures and videos just to report and lie to the public that, these new engines are the ones Adama Barrow’s government brought for Gambians.

Here are the exclusive pictures of the *11mega watt engine and the rest of the 4 different engines that President Jammeh brought for the Kotu Power Station alone and not to mention the many others he brought and distributed across the country.

So please bro try and published it because they (The Mandinka-Tribal government) are trying to fool people here that they are the ones that brought this engine.

However, I will just urge ‘Adama Barrow’ to not (Tell A Lie) do what he did before by shamelessly taking credit for what he never did.
We at “Unifying Newspaper” can authoritatively assert to all that, all the ongoing projects are/were the very same projects we (APRC) signed and set out to execute in the next five years (If Not For The Workers Of Iniquity) in office, only to be robbed off; of our landslide victory by the I.E.C but the buried truth will also raise again – No matter how long time may take.

Therefore, Please Adama Barrow and (Lawyer Darboe) father, we challenge you both to speak the truth for once, in your sorry lives and give credit due to our Great Architect-Babili-Mansa.  We can’t be fooled by your outdated generation. Please, for heaven sake, dare not to lie ever again. Enough Is Enough.

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia. (O.R.G.)

NB: If you have any info to share with us or articles for publication, please contact us via our ‘News-desk’ by emailing us:- (unifyingradio@gmail.com)

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