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SPOTLIGHT COLUMN: Who Exactly Was ‘Adama Barrow’ Trying To Hoodwink By Delivering Such A Crap & Deceitful Speech At The (UN) Global Stage???


Despite the public outcry due to the deteriorating conditions, our people are confronted with today, these gang of criminals is busy traveling the world and squandering our taxpayer’s monies with total impunity.

Gambians are utterly dismayed with the manner in which our beloved motherland is being governed today by Africa’s and the world most USELESSLY corrupt politicians.

Obviously, the hypocrites and political prostitutes will somehow seek ways of rating his rather shameful performance at the global stage but those who paid attention to his elementary-school-kind of reading-speech will conclude that, it was ‘EMBARRASSING to watch and BORING’, to say the least. 

Unlike our President Of the Islamic Republic Of The Gambia, Adama Barrow made his debut without first and foremost, giving thanks and praises to our Creator as instructed and expected of any Noble soul….

HE OPENED HIS SPEECH WITH MR. PRESIDENT – And went on to lie from there, all the way to the finish line – Narrating and putting a spin on things as though those listening to his gibberish’ are of his low IQ. But knowing their shameless reputation of telling lies so freely, I guess the world expected nothing more from him and his supposed ‘TEAM OF CHARITY-BEGGARS and PER DIEM-CHASERS’ but what they know best.


“Arguably though, he’d stick to the script like a ROBOT, glued on his written speech but as far we at “Unifying Newspaper” are concerned, Adama Barrow’s speech was deceitful and ‘out of touch’ with what was expected of any head of state nor is it appropriate for a global stage”. It was like listening to a fairy-tale story teller.
Likewise the UN and all other progressive international organizations, we (Gambians) are equally conscious of the fact that, all the lines he read out at the UN was a mere choice of fancy words but lacks merits for ain’t nothing to prove all their calculated lies riddled in that speech. 

And that is why we thought it wise to question him, his sleeping delegates and surrogates so as to establish who was he trying to fool in this day and age? Who do they think that they were lying to after all?Was it the UN and the rest of the international community, Gambians abroad, back home or themselves?

The truth though is, Gambians Can’t Be Hoodwinked, Bullied Nor Be Fooled By Fool’s Of Their Elks In This Digital Age.

To The Gambia Ever True!!

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’

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