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The Gambian Skies Turned Green As Patriotic Citizens (In Their Hundreds Of Thousands) Converged In Kanilia To Celebrate Our Victory And Peaceful Coexistence As People Of One Nation!!


Despite the hostility towards members of the Renowned ‘APRC’ party by the fraudulently imposed government in Banjul, the Biggest and Most diverse political Party of all progressive Citizens converged in Kanilia this weekend, to celebrate our remarkable achievements as a party, under the exemplary leadership of our great visionary, President Jammeh…


Victory Celebration in Kanilai APRC Live

Posted by Rambo Jatta on Saturday, 20 May 2017

Gambians from all tribes and works of lives came together in unison to show and express their unflinching love and loyalty to The Great Architect of our glorious Nation.
While the Tribal, Corrupt and Failed government officials(Mai Fatty) were doing everything to discourage Gambians from associating themselves with their heart desire (PRESIDENT JAMMEH & THE APRC) but Gambians came together to proved a point to the entire world , and if anyone was in doubt of our perseverance and steadfastness, take a look at the video clips and pictures from Kanilia during the weekend..
This CRIMINAL and USELESS government in Banjul are an utter disgrace to all and sundry. Even those who were supporting them are all dumbfounded with the turn out of events.
In some quarters, some were and yearning for a change; but months down the line, they are all flabbergasted with the level of incompetency and clueless nature of Adama Barrow and his partners in crime.
Gambians are Increasingly disgruntled with this tribal and miserably Failed Government in Banjul. They have failed their test and is about time that we reclaim back our motherland from these bunch of robbers and thieves.
Suffice-To-Say, what this record-breaking gathering of all Patriotic Citizens goes to show is that, Gambians are still United and were openly demanding for the immediate RETURN of our great Visionary Leader and Nation Builder.
The vindictive, tribal (Mai Fatty) illegitimate Interior Minister and his accomplices MUST be in utter SHAME & DISGRACE to have done everything imaginable just to scare Gambians away from converging in Kanilia; but woefully failed to succeed in all their evils plots against our citizens. 

Considering the unwarranted harassment we (APRC) were subjected to by this CORRUPT and USELESS people in government, you will all agree with our assertion that, they are SHAMELESS-CRIMINALS And THE BIGGEST DISGRACE to our Nation!

They’d threatened by falsely and illegally arresting the ‘Three Brother’s’ of ‘President Jammeh’, – Spread  wild lie’s that, ‘the occasion was  cancelled and CUT-OFF  the electricity supply in Kanilia for hours and hours just to SABOTAGE our Celebration’, but failure became the destiny of all their desperate efforts to prevent the family reunion from happening. Good Over Evil
Think of it folks – Who built, Educated and brought Electricity to our footsteps? Do anyone in their right frame of mind will even contemplate on depriving others of Electricity and water supply if it wasn’t for their Shamelessness and Ignorance?

Adama Barry, Mai Fatty & Ousainou Darboe did not succeed in stopping the unstoppable. Gambians successfully came together and openly DEFY their MISRULE and Unanimously condemned their dirty philosophy of TRIBALISM based on their deluded sense of ‘TRIBAL- SUPREMACY’. Nor wonder why they pretended and cynically Fled the country to Saudi Arabia, just in case the inevitable happens.

The Family reunion in KANILIA and performances from our DIVERSE-CULTURAL GROUPS  was the ICING on the cake for me and it was evidently final nail to the coffin of the FAILED UDP-LED Coalition government in Banjul.
Gambian’s already have enough of this CLUELESS and USELESS bunch of thieves. They are the biggest threat to our peaceful coexistence and they MUST leave us in perfect peace or be dealt with accordingly.
In just months, they’ve brought so much pain and misery to the entire Nation – Thanks to their endless packages of lies and deceptions but all their work of inequity is now out in the open and even our OLD-Mama’s are  singing and clapping in expressing their utter dismay with Adama Barry’s Uselessness and his fraudulent so called “Good Team”. I would have RESIGNED gracefully if it did be me still. What a shame.
Nevertheless, we at “Unifying Newspaper” are deeply humbled and indeed so very proud of the resilience and determination put on display by Gambians (APRC) In Kanilia.
We hereby extending our greetings and sincere gratitude to our Chairman(Fabakary Tombong Jatta), National Mobilizer (Lord Mayor: Yankuba Colley); Spokesperson of the party (Seedy K Njie, Ya Yama Njie, Mberry Sowe, Oumie Barry, Bator Ceesay Manneh, Baxo etc) and the entire Executive Committee  Members of our Great Party for all your hardworking and dedication in making our reunion and celebration such a success story.
Thanks to all the Foot-Soldiers/Task Forces – From the fundraising committees, Organizing Committees and not to mention our ” Outstanding Security Team” during the weekends. You guys are exceptionally great and we at “Unifying Newspaper” want to thank each one of you for making this brilliant occasion safe, fun and a memorable one for all participants.
We thank all our fantastic talents who took to the stage and put on a fabulous show for the entire world. Mbye Gaye and Fayer Ngum blew me away, Bettiyai Cultural band smashed it, Nyancho the rising Star killed it off in style and not to mention the Mandingka Kanyelleng group, who decided to settle scores by lyrically ripping ‘Adama Barrow’ and his useless team into pieces. Awesome performance round the clock. Well done folks.
 To conclude, I will not be doing justice to this piece without extending our special , special thanks to the man who thought it wise to do the REMARKABLE JOB of ensuring that, those of us in the Diaspora and the entire world at large will not be told but be part of it to the end.
In our final analysis of the amazing turnout of Gambians in support of our leader further substantiate our argument that both Presidential and the most recent Parliamentary Elections were RIGGED and the entire World knows that to be true. That crowd was a clear manifestation of the overflowing love we as a Nation have for our Great Visionary Leader and still ‘The Legitimate President Of All Patriotic and progressive Citizens” of The Gambia. President Jammeh is extremely proud of each and everyone of you amazing people.
On behalf of the “DIASPORA PATRIOTIC CITIZENS & Unifying Newspaper”; we thank you (Gambians) all for Rejecting this USELESS-Criminal government. We thank you all for saying NO to their Tribalism and Standing side by side with each other as people of One Nation.
Soon enough, we shall be RECLAIMING and RESTORING Sanity back to our beloved motherland, by the grace of The Almighty. Well done folks. We are so very proud and blessed to be an APRC member! Alhamdulillah! Love you all dearly..

Authored By:

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient Of  “The Order Of The Republic Of The Gambia”- ‘ORG’
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