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The Gross Human Rights Violations Of The”PPP Regime”Can’t Be Buried Nor Can They Rewrite History. 1981 Remains The Darkest Chapter Of Our Nationhood!!!


The diabolical utterances of OJ Jallow is indeed mind-boggling and deeply insulting to all the victims of 1981 and their respective families across the country.

OJ Jallow should’ve known better to not be faking it by misleading the younger generation of our motherland.

For him to assert that the PPP regime never committed any human rights violations is the biggest insult to our collective intelligence as a nation and he must be told the absolute truth that we know of their past and present too.

If anything, OJ Jallow and BB Darboe are equally culpable to all the Crimes committed against humanity by the Jawara administration in 1981.

For the records, my own Uncle was shot at and killed in cold blood by his personal security guard (Marong) stationed at his residence in Serrekunda.

Therefore, it’s shocking that an old man (OJ) whose hands are soaked and dripping with the innocent blood of Gambians can have the audacity to be foolishly lying to us just to seek ways of burying the darkest chapter of our nation’s history.

The PPP government officials should simple shut up and stop lying to themselves and the younger generation because some of us are living witnesses to their barbarity and miserable failures as a government.

On the contrary, there will be no government that can or will ever March the crimes committed under (PPP) the most useless and corrupted government in Africa. Since we attained self rule in 1965, the PPP government did nothing but exploited our people and left us in complete darkness whilst the rest of our nebouring courties strive to prosper in all aspects of life.

These heartless souls did not only suppressed us for more than three (30 Years Plus) decades but went on to kill innocent Gambians just to be reinstated back to power in 1981; and yet, they can be talking loose today and seeking to govern us again and again? Thanks to our godliness as a nation, they are left to it and walking Scot free from their crimes. OJ, if you guys can’t be remorseful of your actions, then please don’t provoke the victims of 1981. I beg you, pleaseeeeee!!!!

In fact, I suspect that due to old age, OJ Jallow may now be suffering from Dementia; because I just can’t fathom the reason why he publicly lied, as if he already lost or on the verge of losing his memories as to what actually transpired in 1981?

If indeed the then PPP government officials like BB Darboe are clean as claimed by OJ Jallow, then why are they reluctant to reopen the case of 1981 and allow victims to come forward and share their memories at the so called TRRC?

Needless-to-say, a mere mention of 1981 at the TRRC will automatically earn you a Red Card for all the very obvious reasons; because they are all out to seek ways of Burying the most Horrific crimes ever committed in the history of The Gambia and nothing less.

That’s why I naturally concluded that, the TRRC is nothing but the biggest Mockery to the Victims of 81 and their respective families across the country; because if at all they are to be taken seriously, all victims, including that of 1981, should all be availed with the opportunity of relaying their personal experiences or confess to their participation in the killings of our beloved citizen’s.

But no! Just mention 1981 and Essa Faal (The Arrogant Fool) will jump from his seat to inform you of their so-called LEGAL MANDATE of investigating what happened from 1994 – 2016. – Excluding the darkest Chapter altogether. What a bunch of jokers.

The questions we ought to be asking now is as follows: What are they hiding by limiting the scope of their investigation to just 1994-2016 and not from 1965-2016???

If it is true that healing and reconciling the Gambians is their main purpose and reason for establishing the first ever commission of that nature, then why on earth will they be bullying Gambians to not talk about the most heinous crimes committed by the Murderous regime of President DK Jawara?

Your guess is as good as mine but let them know that Gambians are not Fools to be fooled by fools.

To our elders: Be very rest assured that we are fully conscious of our history and no amount of fabricated lies against President Jammeh will be good enough to bury or rewrite history in favour of the most useless and corrupted (PPP) government that ever existed in our nationhood.

OJ Jallow should be extremely mindful in his desperate attempts to present himself and the deadly PPP regime as Angel’s because many Gambians died because of their negligence and incompetence as a government. We know what they were good at and the kind of life style they subjected us to during their reign.

But thanks to the man (President Jammeh) they now want to vilify and demonise, Gambian(s) were elevated out of absolute darkness and into the light. Setting us all on the path to prosperity and catching up with the rest of our human family today.

They woefully failed us and nothing they can ever have to say to justify their recklessness and heartless nature while in government. I do not have to divulge into more sensitive issues we know about them; but the PPP government are solely responsible for the merciless killings and wrecking our society in 1981.

Lying to yourselves will not wash away your sins for there will come a day of recompense; and on that day, every act of evil or good shall all be accounted for and rewarded accordingly, by the Master of the day of Judgement, without fail.

To conclude, I will strictly advise OJ Jallow to stop blowing hot air by misleading the younger generation of our motherland because they are nothing but a failure and a liability to our generation.

Authored by
Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
Recipient of the order of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia (O.R.G)

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