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BREAKING NEWS: The Second Arrested Badge Of The Falsely Accused ‘NIA’ Officer’s Finally Released On Bail….But What Was Their Crime In The First Place To Warrant Their Prolonged Detention???


Since the inception of this corrupt and tribal regime we now have in Banjul today, we at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ are being vindicated time and time again in almost all our utterances during our live shows or in our critical publications on this credible medium.

It could be recalled that we were the first online media platform’s to have broken the news of the arrest of the second badge of those accused of involvement in the death of Solo Sandang and publicly challenged the Tribal-Fanatics and their Leader (Lawyer Darboe) to present any evidence against them if any. 

Furthermore, I went on to confidently assert that, those targeted by the ‘UDP-Tribal-Fanatics’ are absolutely innocent of any wrongdoing and that; the state has nothing on them to warrant or justify their actions in the first place…’Because they did nothing wrong nor where they involved in anything to do with Solo Sandang’s death, and I Stood by my assertions up to date..

Fast Forward to Seven months later, we are delighted to again break the news of their release on bail today, following “heinous crimes” being allegedly committed in MILE 2 central prison, resulting to the death of (DDG -Louie Gomez) a high profile prisoner, under the Leadership of the failed coalition government.

Although the circumstances surrounding his death is yet to be properly investigated by the state because they’ve already failed miserably in their first desperate attempt to downplay the tragedy by releasing a rather misleading narrative in an official press release purportedly coming from the minister of interior.

“Suffice it to say, we’d already conducted our own independent investigation into what can be best described as the “premeditated act of murder” of the former (Louie Gomez) Deputy Director General Of The NIA, by those whose responsibilities are to take good care of the general well-being of all prisoners under state CUSTODY”.

Nonetheless, we still giving them (Failed-Regime) benefit of the doubt to come up with a reasonable explanation as to what actually transpired in MILE 2, When and Where he’d taken his last breath…Etc?

Upon realizing that things are going terribly wrong for them at this hour, they decided to hastily release those they unlawfully ‘KIDNAPPED AND INCARCERATED’ for Seven good months without any justifiable reasons at all.

“And as a matter of fact, I’d make it abundantly clear from day one that, Lawyer Darboe is behind it all because he personally promised the daughter of Solo Sandang that, he will ensure that his team of Lawyer’s will do what it will take to secure a guilty verdict on her dads case, even though, Lawyer Darboe stand to be accused of masterminding the death of Solo Sandang, in my humble opinion”. A charge he dare not deny in front of me because I was fully aware of all their secret plots to storm the streets of the Gambia and ensure that the age limit will be scrapped so he can contest the last presidential elections of 2016; and so was he too…But being the coward (Chicken Heart) he truly is, Lawyer Darboe quickly distanced himself publicly from having any knowledge of what his ‘Tribal-Fanatics’ plotted against the state at the time; before succumbing to external calls and pressures for him to also storm our streets; and the rest became part of our nation’s history. 

Knowingly that the state has nothing on the first badge of those Falsely Accused of Killing Solo Sandang, (Yankuba Badjie & Co), they came up with a second plan of rounding up 10 more junior officer’s and hopefully get them to lie under oath so they can secure a conviction under false premises.

Therefore, the second badge of people arrested seven months ago was done with a clear intention of blackmailing them into becoming State witnesses against their bosses; even though ain’t no evidence to prove that their bosses were ever involved in the death of Solo Sandang.

“But thanks to the level of professionalism, honesty and Integrity instilled in our professionally trained intelligence officers, only one traitor (Name Withheld For Now) out of the ten arrested was willing to blatantly lie against his former bosses just to please the powers that be, in exchange for his freedom of movement”. 

He was then released and accorded with VIP treatment by the state; whilst his colleges were remanded and kept incommunicado for seven good months without fail. They (The Rest Of The Nine Detainees of the Second Badge) were subjected to untold mistreatment just to get them to comply and fabricate stories against their former Bosses.

In Spite, they remain honest to themselves by repeatedly refusing to lie under oath, in exchange for their freedom like the other one did just to gain back his freedom of movement; two days after they were arrested them.

However, they were all granted bail and I was privileged to have spoken to one of the released detainees just after arriving back home to his beloved family.

The truth is, after the untimely and tragic death of such a high profile prisoner in the person of the late Louie Gomez; the failed coalition government went into a panic mode to as the pressure mounts on them from all angles in seeking for clarifications as to how he actually died under state custody?

It was shockingly painful to have learnt a lot throughout the cause of our investigation. Our findings so far, reveals horrific stories of mistreatment of prisoners in Mile 2 central prison and it tantamounts to ‘Gross Human Rights Violation’ being committed under the so-called Democratic Coalition government of the day.

We uncovered gross misconduct and am currently compiling all the untold stories inside the notorious MILE 2 Prison and preparing a comprehensive report on the premeditated murder of Louise Gomez in due course, by the grace of the Almighty.

To All Those Released Today, I Say: As Of Today, Forget What Hurts You In The Past But Never Forget What It Taught You. Remember: What Doesn’t Kill You, Will Only Make You Stronger. Stay Focus And Remain Positive For Time Will Tell The Full Story.

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Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

Recipient Of The Order Of The Islamic Republic Of The Gambia (O.R.G)


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