Fellow countrymen domiciled within and outside the borders of our beloved motherland. Conscious or not the presence of Senegalese forces in The Gambia should propel the raising of intriguing questions, What is the rationale behind their presence??
Disappointingly enough the issue is mutely discussed and it is in this regard ,and also reliance on Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s assertion with whom I agree ” our lives begin to end the day we are silent about things that matter” therefore I shall manifest my patriotism by solidifying in content the bitter reality of the asked question….

We are undoubtedly meant to believe that the Senegalese forces like other ECOWAS nations purposely came to quell and avert the blood shed that emanated as a result of the political confrontation between the then incumbent who was refusing to step down and the president-elect ( now president) who was declared winner.

A French colonial Secretary of State with whom I take side with, stated ” what is the use of painting the truth? At the start, colonization was not an act of civilization , nor was it a desire to civilize. It was an act of force motivated by interest”
Saying it or not Senegalese occupation of The Gambia although not achieved forcefully as the colonialist did in Africa; the similarity lies in the act being motivated or premises by selfish interest. Interest for the establishment of a market free of competition to sell their one nation needed products.

Secondly, Senegalese occupation is also motivated by vengeance/ revenge… Some of you who are conversant with history will agree with me that Senegal have registered a very high number of causalities in the unfortunate 1981 coup d’etat ; the then government ( president jammeh’s) execution of the Senegalese woman (which was backed by the law) who murdered her Gambian husband and a host of other issues that transpired between the two nations are supportive to establish the keen interest that the Senegalese have in The Gambia, and it is as a result of the ugly history which predates to 1981 the Senegalese forces didn’t hesitate to fire live bullets to peaceful demonstrators at kanilai.

Furthermore, the Senegalese interest in our beloved country can be further attributed to the failed Senegambia confederation. The book pages of history containing the authentic reasons for the failure of the confederation are no where to be see in our library’s and museums. The few that were fortunate will tell you the federation crumbled like a rock because Senegal was seeing us ( Gambians) as subordinates and not equals and it is as a result of that inequality and a heap of other reasons the confederation is no more.

Senegal were never pleased by the sudden demise of the organisation they long fought for with the optimum aim of extending their dominion to the snake-like country, which they asserted is too small to be independent considering how it surrounds the country ( Senegal surrounds The Gambia on 3 sides)

Senegalese occupation of The Gambia is to use the our beloved country as a shield to fight again the rebels in its southern part which would eventually reduce the little developments we have to nothing. Believing it or not we ( The Gambia) are the custodians of peace in Africa, that is why the we are called the smiling coast of Africa and the word if you like; Senegal is envious of the peace and tranquility we are enjoying as well as our little God gifted natural resources. Essentially the exploitation of our God gifted natural resources and destabilization of the peace is at the heart of the Senegalese presence in The Gambia.
If you doubt me, then explain to me why the influx of Senegalese vehicles in our traffic system?? Why the influx of Senegalese fishing boats as well as fish transport vehicles in our country??? Why is it that in the coastal fishing zones the CFA is asked over our very Dalasi?? Why is Senegal the First Nation to request for fishing permission following the coming into office of the new government??
Until and unless am given a compelling and convincing reason to that effect, I firmly hold on to the view that exploitation and destabilization is at the heart of the Senegalese occupation of the Gambian territory and not love, neighborhood and spirit of brotherhood, as the majority of Gambians are made to believe.

Fellow Gambians there is no better time than now!, now is the right time that we engage each other as patriotic Gambians to look deeply and widely into the crafty Senegalese behaviors before we loose our hardly fought independence and sovereignty to the Senegalese people..
To conclude , martin Luther King Jr. Said “there comes a time when silence is betrayal” the quotation is teaching enough to all genuine sons and daughters of mother Gambia to break the culture of silence and look into the above captioned issue with and open mind so as not to betray our society.
Authored By
An Insider – Going By The Pen Name
“The Voice Of conscience”.

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