Like her boss, Many maybe surprise to discover that, the current ‘Vice-President’ is also ‘constitutionally-disqualified’ to occupy the office due to her age but is it stopping her & her surrogates from playing a blind eye to this reality? I was told that she passed a ‘vetting commission’ but how truthful was that as well and who are those who conducted that vetting process itself?

Verily, is not based on her age so on what basis was she given the ‘green-light; to continue serving as VP? According to her documentations, she is over the age limit of 65 so did she produce a falsified date of birth just to pass the so called vesting process or what? In fact, who are these people trying to fool? We smelling the rat here because something is really fishy in the way things are going down in our motherland so let’s keep our eyes wide open.

As stipulated in our 1997 constitution; under which, Adama Barrow himself contested as a presidential candidate, clearly stated that,’ –  a person can contest for the presidency or appointed vice president if they are – (a) he or she is a citizen of the Gambia by birth or descent, (b) he or she attained the minimum age of thirty years  but not more than sixty-five years; (c) he or she has been ordinarily resident in the Gambia for the five years immediately preceding the election.

Without a shadow of doubt in my mind, the decision taken by ‘Adama Barrow’s Failed administration is clearly in breach of section 62 (b), which bars anyone older than 65 from becoming president or vice president of the Gambia. But they will rather manipulate the situation and scam us by seeking ways and means of justifying the unjustifiable. They did it once , twice and so they are determined to do it again and will continue to do so, until we come together and put a stop to this blatant disregard to our constitution and territorial sovereignty by these Old Timers.

Considering the above provision in our constitution, one will then question as to how on earth can they justify her unconstitutional appointment to serve as Vice-President; even whereas it is and will continue to be in breach of our constitution?

Despite the fact that, some of the ‘loud mouths’ and ‘big-time bullies’ on social media are busy, doing everything possible to shut critics down from having a conscious reasoning, regarding their illegal moves in setting up a government’ but one like my humble self; will certainly be the last one to ignore the truth – Only to play it deaf, dumb and blind like they do best- No Chance, by the grace of the Almighty.

As a true Patriot, I Must remind our ‘die-hearts’ that, “Sticks & Stones may break our bones but Insults wouldn’t stick so we rather walk alone than to indulge in the dirty-politics of ‘lies and deception'”. Thanks to their work of inequity – Cheating The Gambian electorates – They’re being rewarded with an ‘Epileptic President’. The First in the history Of Governance In The World. We challenged Wheelbarrow to go and represent us hence he is now the ‘Selected & Imposed’ leader of the ‘IEC, Coalition & their supporters’. Expect his to fall down like our source asserted so we are the least surprise that, his Illegal vice-President will be doing the job of running from pillar to post. No doubt.

Understandably, Barrow is and will be ‘routinely-quarantined’ because of his Severe ‘Medical- Condition’ but for how long do we have to keep this serious situation under raps? We can’t afford to be lied to; any longer than necessary because if you all can remember, the way this government came about was entirely based on lies and deception from the onset and up-to- date – there is no ending sight to their madness folks.

Let it be known to all that, Unless and until they all ‘come clean and tell the Gambians the absolute truth’, we will not relent in exposing the truth which they all are concealing from you, me and everyone.  (Democracy we say – If You Can Take The Heat, then Stay Or Else, ‘Get out of the kitchen if you can’t take the heat’. )

We at ‘unifying newspaper & Radio Network’ having nothing ‘personal’ against ‘WheelBarrow and his team’ but they must be held accountable as public servants. Isn’t it what we were all yearning for – Restoration of democracy? Freedom Of Speech, isn’t it? So what is the fuss all about? Time to shallow your own bitter pills.

Welcome to the reality of what it means to have a democratic society. Best to focus yourselves in running your government instead of insulting people and acting silly on social media. Serious times ahead and so far, every move you lots make often turn out to be the wrong one – Wrong upon – Wrong- Upon wrong – When will your government take a simple Right Step in the right direction, Mr Wrong? We are keenly following your every step of the way.

NB: -) As you all may know already; that,- ‘Wheelbarrow & Team’ are scratching their heads to appoint their new administration – Nevertheless, We are having very disturbing reports of ‘Serious Infighting’ between members of the Coalition – Our sources close to the ‘OLD-GUARDS’ are working restlessly to gather more information to be piece together for our global audience in our upcoming editorials, by the grace of the Almighty.

Let’s see if they will be coming up with a INCLUSIVE CABINET that represents all Gambians or A DIVISIVE ONE – The Same Old System Of The Mafia – OLD WINE IN NEW BATTLES kinda scenario. We will soon find out.

Stay Tune.

To The Gambia Ever True.

Authored By

Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK

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