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It is known that a child only follows the eyes of his parents and so is Barrow the cause of the increasing lawlessness in our country! The kanilai people protested and got injured by ECOMIG forces, Barrow neither made a statement nor visited the victims at the hospital until one of them died.

The APRC supporters clashed with coalition supporters at Kanfenda, Mai Fatty arrested and detained the former which includes minors. Barrow made no statement nor address Mai Fatty’s recklessness.

Mai Fatty went to Sibanor on a supposed peace meeting and turned it into sabotage declaring one group as the custodian of the other. Barrow neither refute it nor caution Mai Fatty.

Mai Fatty instilled an illegal curfew at Kanilai out his own arrogant wishes, Barrow neither stopped it nor did he warn Mai Fatty.

The APRC supporters clashed with UDP supporters in which people were injured and properties damaged, Barrow neither visited the community nor did he address the growing division of that nation.

The APRC supporters got attacked at his own backyard (Mankamang Kinda), Barrow through his press secretary promised an investigation but like that Busumbala, it’s been aged with nothing germinating yet.

The GDC supporters got attacked by UDP supporters again at his own backyard, the former including a sitting MP got arrested, detained and taken to court on frivolous charges while the latter as in the case of Kanfenda were left free like the wandering bird. Barrow knows not about its happening.

Golden lead factory with other related factories continues destroys our environment, the environmentalists protest and they were greeted with arrest, detention and same elephant charges. Barrow doesn’t see it as a priority nor consider it as a concern.

A businessman supported by some corrupt public officials bought a decades-old cemetery of a poor community and went further to exercise his social and economic influence over them, Barrow neither worried nor took it as a sensitive social issue.

The community of Faraba protested against the exploitation of their natural resources by a greedy, selfish and arrogant businessman. The state enabled him by giving him protection against the vulnerable community. Barrow neither knew it nor bothered to address it as a volatile social issue.

But guess what? When his men in uniform whom he sent to protect the greedy, selfish and arrogant businessman that refused to honour the orders of the MPs for him to stop the mining cuz he is assured of support from the corridors; killed in cold blood two patriotic citizens defending what they rightfully owe as a community, Barrow within 24 hours settled on visiting the injured as a damage control to his already soiled reputation.

See if Barrow isn’t the problem, then The Gambia has no problem as illusively been termed for decades for the overt disregard and choice of what to be bothered about as a leader and an independent leader of an already divided nation for that matter isn’t any less than plugging the nation to further disorder.

Barrow is indeed the problem and remains to be the problem as he continues with his divide rule campaign.


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