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What They Are Hiding From You About The Lunching Of The Gambia Youth Employment Project With EU – Are Those Who Came Through The Back-Way Sold Out ???


We at ‘Unifying Newspaper’ were and are still monitoring the general reaction of Gambians following the announcement of the (75 Million Euros) funds extended to the ‘UDP Led’ -Coalition Government by the EU, so as to gauge the level of conscious reasoning of our educated society today. 

And to our satisfaction, as expected of our fellow citizens, Gambians are asking the right questions and intellectually engaging each other amicably in expressing themselves hence the supposed funds are meant and took on behalf of all Gambians.

Although we do have serious reservations regarding the very hidden conditions attached but will the greedy and Failed Coalition government come out in the open and tell us all the conditions attached because we all do know that, is NOT for free of charge?

Evidently today, this greedy-Illegitimate government in Banjul seems to careless of the implications and the unforeseen consequences of hastily signing papers just to rake in (paper) money, only to be squandered by these hungry packs of wolves.

Although some of their surrogates are running around; trying to discredit our side of the story (THE TRUTH) that, “they ‘SOLD’ all those who came through the ‘Back-Way’ and as a result, they are now offered this sum of money as the first package” but they cannot also say otherwise nor can they give us any reasonable argument to debunk our story. Time is the master and already, the truth is now revealing.


From the horses own month – The EU representative who sealed the deal with ‘Adama Bulleh Barrow’s’ so called Coalition Government clearly stated this – After listening to his utterance during the live conference days ago, One commentator  Quoted him and questioned, saying:

“The Gambia needs all of its sons and daughters to rebuild the country. You need them in The Gambia not abroad”. Please, listen very carefully and read between the lines. If all our youths are needed in The Gambia and not abroad, what does that actually mean?
We don’t have to be rocket scientists to know and understand what that means. Mass repatriation of our young people in Europe back to The Gambia is obviously on the horizon.

May the Almighty Allah bless and take care of these innocent youngsters of our beloved Motherland trying to seek greener pastures in Europe. They are all innocent victims of socioeconomic and geopolitics of this unforgiving world. I wish each and everyone of them all the best wherever they might be. Imperialism manifests itself in many ways, shapes and forms. End Quote: 

Gambia – Watch Out For These Folks

Another Critical mind went on to also raise an interesting question which caught my attention as well and that of many concern citizens of our motherland.

He must have been trying to understand in-depth as to what the true (hidden-motives) intentions of the EU are for giving us this money so he asked : –

Can anyone tell me the conditions that are attached to the whooping sum we recently got from EU? Are there any conditions attached?
As soon as he posted the above thought provoking question , answers started pouring in and I can’t help but highlight some of the brilliant contributions I think are absolutely revealing for they’d showcased the level of intellectual maturity of our present day Generation Of Gambians.

One commentator stated this in response to the above question and said:-
There are no Development Cooperation Grants given without any corresponding constitutionality attached. The fact is that EU have more strict and stiff grant related conditions than any other financing agency the Gambia is cooperating with. This will obviously translate to harsh Asylum & Integration regulations for Gambian migrants in EU countries and potential mass repatriation on the way in the fullness of time”.

Another said:
This is one of the ways that “clandestine economic empire” controls poor economies with natural resources…Please, I would advise all to read “confession of economic hit man” by john Perkins in-order to find answers to your question…These monies are loan-able funds own by rich economies, therefore; there must be condition that will benefit Eu countries..whether past or present government, these economic gains can never be of no good to big economies..

Another recalled and Said:
EU refused to bailed out Greece which is an EU country too because of the high interests attached to it. Still Greece is struggling and other EU countries with their internal economical problems. I hope that we not be recolonized again out of desperation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Even the dumbest of all will know that, the EU have an agenda and they also know for a fact that these ‘Old-Timers’ are hungry and dying to rake in some papers, so they came for the kill at the right time. If you’d watched the press conference, you will all know what am talking about here.

Desperation, Greed and Selfishness was the driving force for them to put pen to paper on such a deter-mental ploy – Systematically designed and disguised as a Package of Aid, attached with ‘Conditions’ that they will not tell you until it start happening in our motherland, so Gambians – Eyes Wide Open Please.

Authored By:
Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi/UK
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